Nathaniel BenAngelo (angel_thane) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Nathaniel BenAngelo

Washing Hair.

Interesting article in today's paper.

Its about a hair salon that specilizes in curly hair. However, it does say something for us dredheads, at least for those who ask about washing...

Never use shampoo; it's like putting dish detergent on your head...

Most shampoo (she calls it "poo") contains harsh detergents, most often sodium laryl sulphate or laureth sulphate, that are also found in dishwashing detergents, Massey says. They're fine for greasy dishes but strip away all the essential oils and amino minerals in hair, leaving it dull, dry and ? the worst curly-hair nightmare of all ? frizzy.

Those chemicals don't break down in your hair and get absorbed into the hair shaft, she says. Massey's own hair, a mass of beautiful curly tendrils, hasn't been washed in years.

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