Ro, Super-Villain Extraordinaire (mushroom_cult) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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Eee!! I'm so happy! My dreads look spiffy and they smell like lavender!!! Really covers up the cigarette smoke, haha. They're 3 or 4 months now, so clicky for piccy.

I look URGLEY but my dreads are lookin' lovely at 3 months.

Yay!!! lol =p

Me wif my hair in a lil bandana.... Apparently I look like a ninja with it like that. But everyone knows pirates are cooler than ninjas.

I look like I need a hug in this picture.

All tied up!!! =D

That's right peoples!!!! I love you all, with your sexy dreadies and all your little scuffles. Sorry if I sound whacked out, I'm a tiny bit drunk! *hic*

I hope everyone has stopped fighting now, you can't post anything here without causing a fucking argument..... *grumbles*... But hopefully that's over now. HAPPY PEOPLES!!!!!! I know this is a controversial statement but chill out. It's only life, afterall.

Ro xx

Ps. Hello dreadcookie and esultante!!! <3
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