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Locks in Atlanta

Locks quickly approaching two months. They've changed drastically over such a short time period, and they seem to be settling down a bit.

Also, I'm moving to Atlanta at the end of the summer. Currently I live in an extremely "dread-friendly" community and haven't had to worry about receiving too much flack for choosing to start this journey. Every time I mention my relocation to anyone, however, the first comment is regarding my hair and the racism that still exists in the south.

My family is from Kentucky and I've spent a large portion of my life in that environment, but I've never spent much time worrying about this. I'm sure there must be "some of us" of multiple races and backgrounds in the vicinity of Atlanta, or similar regions. Does anyone have personal experience with this? Is it something I should be concerned about? At the moment I'm not spending too much time stressing over it, though people constantly make the comment and it's becoming slightly unnerving.

(In other words, is there a high probability for me to get beaten down on the streets for locking my hair when my skin is pathetically pale? Just how widespread is the issue in a city of that size?)

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