Knotty Spence (thisisdreaming) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
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question guys, i've had my dreads about 7 months now and their pretty and i love them. i was @ a party on the weekend and i was talking about how im going camping for the first time this upcoming weekend for after prom. one of the guys there told me that he had a friend that had dreads like mine and he went camping and swimming in the lake and then fungus began to grow in his/her hair. result shaving the happy nappy dreads off. im sure this can happen, what do u think? and is there away that i can prevent this?? any help would be great! oh and if any of u guys have some funky ideas for dreads for the oh so wonderful prom, feel free to share, im a little stuck. it would help a lot!
later days!
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