Elizabeth Sarah* (ex_dreaminnd1) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Elizabeth Sarah*

heya, ive decided to dye my hair blue black tomorrow, but what im wondering is how many packets would be good to use?! im curious as to how to go about doing this, as this will be my first time dying my dreads. they are roughly 3months old NOW..hehe yay. im not going to use peroxide/bleach on my hair so should i have anything worry about?! i think ive asked this before but i cant remember..i also have many a beads in my hair mostly white that i cant get out, ah, will the dye dye the beads..yes?!

okay and guys i wanna trade beads, im serious this time, ive asked before but eh, never got around to it, so if you'd like a bead from down under and yes i'll pay postage..eh why not aye. (australia) email me at: erratic_chicken@yahoo.com
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