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hi everyone!

i have been avidly reading this community for several months and up till now have never posted.

after wanting dreads for years i finally took the plunge and did them! my dreadies are currently a little over 4 months old, wooooo! started them by backcombing and a little palm rolling and no wax. i am pretty lazy actually and am content for the most part to let them do their own thing. although i do go thru and rip the roots apart regularly and i love having things in my hair so i change my beads and wraps around frequently depending on my mood and such.

i wash them "as needed" with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap and love it! i smell like Altoid's mints afterwards people say. *chuckle*

most of my hair is down to the bottom of my shoulderblades or a little past. i will try to take some better pictures at a later point, maybe this weekend!

i only know 2 other people in this area (the ozarks) with dreads so i do get alot of funny looks from people ('specially when i go to "sprawl-mart") which cracks me and my boyfriend up.

my boyfriend plans to let his hair dread here soon too because he likes mine so much!! yay!!!! he has super curly hair (think corkscrew curls) about shoulder length so it should dread wonderfully!

and here are some more pics of me and my hair, just for the hell of it.

sorry for the crappy quality but i took the pics with my webcam because it was easier and my digicam batteries need recharging anyhow.

front view

back view

side view

3 cool bone beads i got today!

sticking mah tongue out

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