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i'm combing out my dreads tonight.

i've always been a person who needed change frequently. my first semester of college, i rearranged our room 6 times. i rotate the posters on my walls whenever i get bored. i'm always throwing away things and making new things and wearing different colors and different shoes and carrying a different purse. no matter how much i like something, i just get bored with it after a while... and hair is no exception.

i've had so many different hairstyles in the past 3 years, and i hoped that eventually i would find "the right one". instead, all i found is that hair isn't that important. it doesn't make me who i am, and there is no "right" hairstyle. i love my dreads, i really do. but i also loved my long hair. and i loved my hair when i curled it. and i loved my hair when my bangs fell in my eyes. you get the idea.

so to all of you in this community... you're all wonderful. even when there's drama, this is still my favorite group of people on livejournal. and i'll still stay in the community to see all of your lovely dreads. i'll post before/after pictures when i'm done <3
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