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My dreads are 8 days old, and I love them to peices. This is the first time I've ever really liked anything about myself, and I'm really happy with them. :D

I don't mean to post drama, but I thought maybe someone could relate to this.

Anyway, something happened today. One of my friends came up to me and told me two of my other friends (that are probably my "best friends") were talking shit about me at his house. I asked him to elaborate, and my friends "J" and "S" were there, and apparently talking about my new dreads. Now, "S" helped me originally make the dreads, and she wanted to get dreads herself. They both told me the dreads looked awsome, and they were jealous of them. "S" even told me that when I decided I didn't want them anymore (which I can't even imagine happening because I luurve them), that if I was going to shave my head, to tell her so we could do it together, because she's always wanted to shave her head. Then my other friend tells me that they both think that my hair looks horrible the way it is, and that I look horrible with dreadlocks. Apparently they said I now smell? What the hell? Just because I have dreads doesn't mean I down shower, and I do wash them. Then they think it'll be wicked funny when I shave my head because of how stupid I'll look, and how they'll laugh at me. What the hell kind of friends are these? It's not the fact that they don't like them - I never asked them their opinion - and I don't care what people think - but why would someone go out of their way to lie to my face, then talk shit behind my back? I just don't get it. :/ Neither of them even talked to me in school today. If I knew that having dreads was going to show me who my 'real' friends are - I would have got them a loooong time ago. Heh. Just wanted to share that little tid-bit.

Anyway, here's a pic I took the other day. I was feeling quite cute-sy and thought I'd show off my week-old locks. I took the elastics off my roots, but now they're pretty messy and stick up in weird ways, and the roots aren't really dreaded yet. I'm considering trying to get elastics back on the roots, but I dunno.

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