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Summer Styles and Ribbon

I've been trying to think of something different to do with my dreads this summer.

After three years my hair is totally locked tight. Before I started the dread process I had a twa (teeny weenie afro). I now have some length to play around with (my dreads are just to my shoulders) and I'm looking for some suggestions.

I want to play around with color and was looking for something to add to my dreads besides just beads and dread cuffs. A good friend suggested adding ribbon to random locks (wrapping it around) and I thought this was a cool idea :>

Have any of you added ribbon to your hair? If so how did you wrap it around the dread? Is it difficult to keep in place?

What other ways do you decorate your dreads?

There was a pic of India Aire before she cut off her dreads ... it was a cover shot of her for Essence magazine, I believe, where she had added ribbon to random dreads along with her usual cowerie shells and copper cuffs. I wish I could find that pic :/
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