(videophile) (onlylonely) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

boys and girls (new friends!)--

"hi, i'm new!"
i felt like being cliché!

but really, i'm new. dreads for... (counts)... 5 months. and i love this community! (sucks up.)
but really, i've been meaning to join for a while now, and i've found a perfect opportunity!
i have a fancy party to go to this weekend, and, being a girlie girl, i want to do something fancy (pretty!) with my dreadies.
they're just past my shoulder and have a few beadies here and there. i've heard the ribbon suggestion (probably going to do that anyway), but i'm looking for some updo or something that could be fun.
any suggestions?
you're all very smart people will more experience than me with this stuff (i'm a bandana kind of girl).
all comments and suggestions loved.

plus, i'll post some photos when i get a chance.

thanks all, new friends.
+ laura
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