Danielle in Alaska (alaskadanielle) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Danielle in Alaska

Dudes, dudes.

Is it, uh, realistic to not want to keep having debates here about non-dread topics? Like, I love that we're a community and all, but if people are just going to fight, maybe you could not bring it up? I'm referencing the vegetarian thing, which seems to be a sore point for some, and the religious/god stuff from before...I don't know, maybe this isn't the venue? Like, couldn't you have just said "Does anyone have any vegetarian forum links?" instead of saying that you were going to delete comments, etc.?

I know you all HATE MY EVER-LOVIN' GUTS, but I'm asking you nicely to maybe not post non-topic stuff here. Maybe. You guys decide, as clearly you hate that I'm your moderator. All you haters, remember that hate is ugly. You-gee-el-why you ain't got no alibi.

Also, I am very drunk and high, therefore full of love for you all regardless of your hate for me. So maybe it's time to stop with the non-topic (DREADS/HAIR/ETC.) discussions. Like, music and stuff is okay because it causes no strife, but cut it out with the god stuff and the i'ma delete your comment stuff, huh?

And you know, I don't even care if you hate me because I love this forum and I love dreadlocks and I've done a lot of stuff with your consent. Haters, for real, hate is ugly. And if I get one more email telling me I'm an asshole I'm totally giving up on all of you.

See what I mean? OFF TOPIC. (grin)

I love dreadlocks. And I love haters. And I LOVE YOU.
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