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Here ye !! Here ye !!

Ooh !!
I discovered something today whilst 'studying' :P
There's a tip on to help you tighten your tips

Grab the dread about 1/2 and inch from the tip, the side opposite the root, and squeeze it between your thumb and forefinger. Now press the tip that extends past your thumb and fingers firmly into the palm of your other hand. While pressing roll the tip around your palm in a circular direction about 50 times or until you get tired. You should notice the hair at the tip start to tangle and tighten and maybe flare out a bit. After you've rolled it and gotten it as tight as you tight and as tangled as you can, roll it back and forth between your fingers working in a little bit of dreadwax. Now you can leave it as is or use a rubberband to finish it off and hold it nice and tight.

TIP: Sweaty palms don't work very well, if your palms keep getting sweaty try drying it or wearing a rubber glove on your palm hand, it will increase friction and make your rolling a lot more effective :)

I've tried using this technique on some of my tips (coz I got a bit tired of sewing them) and it works great !! :D
Now, here's the thing : I'm not a real fan of palmrolling coz just after 3 dreads, it makes my hands itch REALLY bad :S I've also tried using sewing methods just so I'd get rid of the biggest loops in my dreads (I'm okay with the loops, I just don't like them being -too- big)
So, I've tried using the technique which I talked about earlier in this post, and WOW, the loop I was working went WOOOOSHHH, gone !! :D
I highly recommend this, coz it's waaay better than having itchy palms all the time :P


Hilly xx <3
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