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Robot Parade


I'm Marie
Just graduated from college and am currently floating in the inbetween stages between loving summer and the irking feeling like I should be "doing" something with my life....but I am doing alot....

Anyways here's a bunch of photos from my progression with dreads...

I stopped brushing my hair after I got out of a really emotionally abusive relationship which I was in for 2 years too long.... It was such a strong point of personal growth for me. I felt free to be myself and break away from the beauty standards I had been bombarded with since I was little....

this is what they looked at after about a year

I had them for three and a half years....

And I chopped or ummm...let them go about 4 weeks ago. It was something I had to do....I cut them for reasons very similar to those described in this post But now that it's been a while I realized soo much more of how the change is good. I used them to hide behind and they often became more of my identity which was kind of wierd...

umm yeah so here's my new "outer" hair....cuz I'm definately still dread in my heart...for those of you with spiritual connections to yours, you know what I'm talking about : )

after the initial cutting

and pinkie!!
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