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Tis a Shame...

I've noticed a near complete drop-off in posting and I'm slightly disappointed. What happened to the constant posting that used to run rampant. But here goes my little back story.

My name is Peter Francis Burkhart. I live in indiana. My dad was a former catholic priest and my mom is a nurse. My older sister is married and lives in chicago as a teacher. My older brother is in college and is getting a new truck. I'm in college to, going to be a sophomore, and i turn 20 on august 29th. I first started liking dreads when i was in junior year of high school and almost got them but then decided to chop my hair off after it got to be three or four inches long. Then i started growing my hair out agian senior year with dreadlocks in mind but then i cut it for my sisters wedding. Well now i've been growing my hair for about 11 months and am planning on getting my dreads in before summer is over. Here are some pictures, none of them really recent or relevant, but pictures nonetheless.

Me on the left senior year of highschool

me wailing on the axe... i suck at the guitar now...

me senior year of highschool on spring break... lol...

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