Gem (gemobiwan) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

knotty advert

sorry for plugging but it is of interest to some people I promise.

my website..

I make synthetic dreads but I am also starting to deal with real dreadlocks. Its not on my site yet but just to give you a heads up I recieved a very large shipment of Knotty Boy products yesterday which I will be selling. I have dread wax, shampoo bar, tightening gel, dread starter kits and dreadlock removal kits. If anyone wants anything then just let me know I'm based in Reading, UK so you can pick one up from me here if you're nearby too if not I will post. But yeah stuff will be on my website soon, like in the next few days and I'll be gettin loads of clips and stuff in too.

so erm.. yeah. Hope it was ok to post about this here ^ _ ^
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