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Hey All.. i'm new here.. i do not have dreads YET.. i want them very badly.. I'm a 21f and you'd think that i'd have what i want by now, but the one thing standing in my way of getting dreads is my grandmother.. she and the rest of my maternal side come from Jamaica where dreads are associated with the Rastafarian cult/movement. They understand Rastafarianism, but they still see it as a cult.. my mom is not bothered by the thought of me getting dreads.. she understands that for me, it would be 1) a fashion statement, and 2) my way of keeping my hair natural.. but my grandmother likes hair to be one way, Long and Straight (byproduct of slavery and the lust after all things white).. I like straight long hair as well, but I didn't like it on myself so I shaved my head and now I wear my hair natural.. I'd like to keep it that way, but go for dreads..

Is there anyone out there who was in a similar situation? What did you do? I do not want offend my grandmother or my church (a caribbean pentecostal denom), but I would very much like to get locks without being associated with Rastafarianism..

In addition, one other gripe that my family has wiht dreads is that of discrimination. They feel that those with dreads may get discriminated against more in the work force because they do not look professional or serious enough. Some may have great jobs, but may not get promoted. Some may have to keep their hair under wraps. I for one am very proud of my roots and my culture and would hate to experience that and it's a shame that it is an issue. Have any of you experienced that in your work place, or found that because of your hair and/or body art, you are being discriminated against? Also, what is your occupation?


H. <3
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