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hey. if any of you are into folkey indie stuff, or the moldey peaches, adam greene (from the moldey peaches) is playing in philly this thursday, most likely at the church, its an r5 show.

just wanted to mention that, now that the community can post about anything. and i thought folkey music.... dreads.... hippies.... eh. it goes together some times.

and i dont have any pictures. im not at home. soweee. although i am getting some dreads cut apart sometime today. they keep dreading together! oh my goodness. whenever i start rubbing the roots, not only do my dreads lock up, but they lock up with the other dreads. i guess my whole being is so friendly, even my dead hair cells are friendly to each other. hehe.

ok. bye bye.

you guys are awesome. even if there are a gabillion dread pictures a day. they make me smile! toodleoo!
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