josie (drownedingrey) wrote in get_up_dread_up,


While waiting in the car to get into Bonnaroo the guy in the car in front of us got out and drunkenly/kindly asked if we wanted some beer or rum&coke for the 3 hour wait. He saw me doing a dread that i hadn't worked on yet, and said, "Nooo, don't do that to your hair. Dreads are a symbol of non-vanity to those who form them naturally by just not giving a fuck about brushing their hair, and by you forming your own purposely, you're pissing on their religion." I told him that i'd already considered that, and in my heart i'm not pissing on anybody's religion. i dont like brushing my hair, and forming the dreads will keep me from having to wash as much. I said some other things too, then he said, "well girl, let me help you." and he started working on the dread i had been doing.

funny funny guy.

oh yeah, bonnaroo rocked my socks. if i wore socks. the extreme amounts of sunlight dried my hair alot, and it feels great now.
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