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Swimming polls and chlorine.

Well i checked the memories and the question i had wasn't exactly answered. One of my friends has a very nice pool and seeing as how it hit 71 degrees at 6:30 in the morning today i have a feeling i'm going to be swimming at his house some, including after i get dreads. How long after i get my dreads (using backcombing and MINIMAL WAX if any, i'm not sure if my relatively straight (its starting to wave out in the back but not really much at all) will lock up otherwise even though i don't want to use wax) will it be ok to swim in his inground pool. But more importantly, when you are done swimming do you need to rinse out your dreads to get the chlorine and such out? I'm never rinsed off after getting out of pools before even though i hear you are supposed to. So should you rinse them out or just ring them out and dry them leaving the chlorine in them? and how long should i wait before swimming is ok? Much love.
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