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how low can a punk get?

over the years, i have drawn large amounts of inspiration from the bands i'd been listening to. please take a look at a short sampling of some of my inspiration. these pics have been culled from the internet, and none of them are of me or taken by me.

first and foremost, the almighty DOUGHBOYS from montreal, quebec, canada.

this is bob from the early days of southern california punkers, big drill car.

here's some action shots of all systems go, featuring ex-doughboys dreadite, jon kastner.

nekro, from argentinan punk bands fun people and boom boom kid.

circle jerks' vocalist keith morris.

wiz from my all time favourite band MEGA CITY FOUR.

who could forget the bad brains??

here was a fun band from massachusetts called doc hopper. their bassist had some pretty serious dreads and i was mistaken for him on more than one occasion, haha.

7 seconds' drummer troy mowat and his mop.
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