the sweet up and down (kathrynanne) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
the sweet up and down

i am just reposting again because the post earlier is gone from my friends list. here is what i said

shoot. well see, without the rubber bands at the roots they start to dread together. the rubber bands keep the loose hairs near the dread that they are loose from. the unknotted hair at the roots now does look funny without the bands already! should i just keep them in for a little bit then take them out? ayayay. i can't wait til they lock up and i can stop worrying about this sh*t!

and here is what someone else said :)

Their reply was:
question...did you put the rubber bands in before or after you dreaded each one? if you did it before, heres some advice. this is a little drastic but you could take off the bottom rubber bands and backcomb to try to reshape the roots. by trying to lock the hair to the scalp instead of to the rubber band, itll make for nicer dreads in the long run. and if youre concerned about the loos hairs, you could probablly put the rubber bands back on once you fix your locks.

and in response - i say ... :)

nope - i put them on a few days after when i realized that there were a lot of loose hairs appearing. i'm not sure why some of them are so off center in the squares of hair
MAIN QUESTION - do these problems i am having seem like they will affect my dreads in the long run? i can deal with this now but once they lock up i want nice looking dreads. i don't mean perfect either - i don't care about little loops or bends or loose ends and real tight roots. but not too messed up looking :) thanks so much
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