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asdlkjadfdaa help!

I have to wear my hair tied back when I work, but can not use a wrap or anything, just an elastic or the likes. Since I have been doing this practically every day my hair seems to have formed itself into a permanent ponytail shape. ALL the dreads in the back have webbed themselves together at the base near my head, causing me to currently have one MASSIVE dread that seperates into about 20 seperate normal sized ones about an inch down.

Now I've tried ripping them apart, it worked to a certian extent, but now they just seem to be too knotted up near the base for me to be able to rip it anymore.

It's time to bring out the scissors or the likes. Are scissors the best thing for me to use to do this? I heard someone mention something about a straight blade razor or something like that, is this better? Or, is there something that will do the least amount of damage to my dreads when I put the blade to them? At this point they are finally starting to look good and I want to avoid them coming out or unravelling at all costs. I know the person who I am allowing to do the cutting will hopefully not cut anything that shouldn't be cut seeing as though these beautiful locks were created by her hands. :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! :)
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