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Dreaddies! x-posted baby :D

Well, i spent yesterday being teased and backcombed and sewed by my lovely friendfrom 11am - 7:30pm. Christ it was a very very long day, but it was definately worth it. Its very strange, since getting my dreaddies I've felt like a huge weight has been lifted (in a both physical and emotional sense) and that i just feel happy and alive, its very weird. I've been smiling all day, and woken up in a happy mood, I just hope that it will last! I've lost a lot of length on my hair, but at the same time my dreads are really tight and feel all *dreaddy* already, as she sewed them from the tip to the root and all inside, so it has something to form around!

They look so much better then the first time i ever did them myself (hey i had to be excused, I had a broken wrist at the time! and just much like dreads. Although i cant help but feel that they make me look like im a lot younger than i am? Almost child like in a way!Maybe that was just the photos i took? Anyway, I'm going to put these behind a cut coz i know that there are a lot of picturesm, but I've made them all ickle in size for you :) so you better all comment on this. he he he shouldnt take too long to see them all...

Strange thing is...I'm a natural blonde! he he he oh well..after a two year hiatus, I am finally back with the dread-heads!


like naked vigin fleshs, my hair half normal....

I think the caption should be "oh god should i have done this?!"

side on view of baby dreads underneath

he he, some sectioning nightmare.........

Almost there!!! ( i really like this picture)

the finished product!!!

a close up of the babies :D i like the way the two tone colour in my hair has transferred itself to two-tone dreaddies :D

"Brickwork" - the top of my heed

and one more for good luck.........

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