who writes your rules? (captain_vs_crew) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
who writes your rules?

Dreads. I've become absolutely fascinated with them. I've come to a point where fake ones simply won't do. NEED DREADS OF MY OWN! My hair is actually only chin length, and it gets progressively shorter as it goes down the back of my head. It's only around an inch and a half long at it's shortest. Should I dread it, or wait? How short will it be? I'm planning on skinny, pencil-thin dreads. Good idea, or no? I really don't want to start off using wax, is there a way I could avoid it, but still have problem-free, frizzball-free dreads? Thankyou, pretty people, for your help. I adore you.

Fake dreads that I've become so wary of

<3 Rachel
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