(videophile) (onlylonely) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

saying hi.

so, i'm -technically- a new member, though i've commented a time or two and been watching for a decade (or so).

here's the part where i introduce myself officially:
my name's laura and i'm from canada. i'm... (counts on fingers)... 18 years old (almost 19 = old enough to drink legally in canada, yay!) and my dreadies are almost 6 months old. should i throw a half-birthday party? yes, i think so too.
my dreadies are currently adorned with some wooden beads which have been there since week 2, and some plasticy little stars which are a recent addition. i had a silver star charm which detached itself... it will soon be reattached along with a tiny silver key.
i have to admit. besides thinking dreads are gorgeous, i actually decided to get them myself so i could put things in them. i always wanted to be able to attach things in my hair... weave them and thread them and wrap them. and so here i am.

this place makes me grin a hundred times. i love talking to all you dread-heads and i'm always delighted to see photos of everything pretty. (i also have to mention how astounded i was when i read the shoutouts... you forget what a large world we have and how intertwined we've all become.)


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