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i was in this here community quite some time ago. i've shaved all but four of my dreads off and grown a bihawk that's pretty fair in size. i'm missing my dreads like hell, but i love my bihawk. i've always hated hair, and now i have more reason to hate it: two styles, and i can't decide which one i like better.

my question to all you lovely people is: my boyfriend wants me to dread his mohawk, but we're both poor fuckers who can't afford the expensive wax (they don't sell real bees wax anywhere, and the closest thing is some twenty-dollar stuff, and lifting it is out of the question) they sell here in this quaint little bullshit town. is there anything we could make at home (or something cheaper, maybe?) that would aide me in backcombing his hair?

also: we're moving to juneau up in alaska towards the end of september/early october. problem is, i'm still enrolled in school. what are the policies in schools about hair up there, if anyone's from around the juneau area, or knows anything about it? i read the online student handbook and it didn't say anything about it, but i'm still not sure if they're all militant like some schools are down here and don't allow piercings or mohawks/dreads.
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