freaky like the daughter of a pastor (blackperson) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
freaky like the daughter of a pastor

Mod Post

First off: I am in love with every single head of hair in this community. It's a sickness really. And the only cure is group dready lovin'.

Now... official business.

We love new members but please remember we have a memories section so there aren't repeat questions. Older members get cranky and we want everyone to have fun here. So be sure to check it before posting. We've deleted a few repeat questions posts but doing so makes us cry. We don't want to be the bad guys. Stop making us cry. Read the rules.

Also, asking a dreadlock community if you should get dreadlocks is like asking vegetarians if you should stop eating cow. WE ARE BIASED! Personally, I'd dread the world then take them all out for a Coke. But that's me. So take that into account. We probably aren't the best folks to ask.

And remember, more than one picture needs a lj-cut. Pictures and lj-cut are in love and they want to be together. When you don't put them together they pine all day writing angsty poetry because they need each other. They are a pair. Use them together. Because losers like me who have dial up will thank you.

Thank you,

Your friendly neighborhood Jaki
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