Yellow Magnetic Star (ashantae) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
Yellow Magnetic Star

as a follow-up to my picture post, I wanted to ask if anyone has used KNotty Boy Tightening Gel on already established dreads?

I would just like to encorporate some loose hairs, mostly behind my ears and the random ones that stick out of the top of my head. I like them really, but they tend to look greasy after only a few days, and I dont like to fully wet and wash more than once a week.
I usually make my own body/hair care products and if anyone has a tub of the gel laying around- can you post the ingredients? I could probibly make it if I knew all the stuff.

ps- I went to Wakarusa in Lawrence, KS last weekend, where any of you there? I saw SO many dreadies! I love all the different ways that hair locks up! It was fantastic to be surrounded by other dreadheads and feel at home. :)

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