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I just arranged a -dread fix up- date with my friend's drunken brother.

He said he'd fix my dreads whilst me fixing his but I said no thank you since I'm trying to let mine do their own thing at the moment :P

Dread fix up will contain LOADS of inscenseburning, music and obviously, dreads :D
It's sunday, I'm pretty sure my arms will hurt like hell when I get home :)

What's on the list :
- clockwise rubbing (he's never heard of it, how weird is that ??)
- palm rolling (I'm sure he needs it :D)
- general maintenance

He has lots of loose hairs that are as long as his dreads (bit over the shoulders) I was wondering how to fix this ? I thought I could use a needle, but that might not help :/
Any suggestions ?

Hilly xx
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