freaky like the daughter of a pastor (blackperson) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
freaky like the daughter of a pastor

Hair Dye Appreciation Post

A lot of us dye our dreads and they turn out wonderfully. Natural dreads are beautiful but multicolored dreads sure do get second glances.

If you've used a brand of dye and the results were wonderful, comment here and let us in on your secret.

Be sure to let us know the brand name, color, and what type of hair you have (as we all know that affects dye). Did you have to use more that one box, or bleach it blonde? Do you have any tips for beginners? And, if you want to show us your fab colors, I wouldn't mind seeing 'em.

On the same thought, if you've met some dye that was horrible you should warn us all. Got any horror pictures? Scary us to death.

Either way, I love you guys.
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