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rainbow gathering?

Hey Dreadies,

I had dreads about 2 years ago, one day I suddenly chopped em' all off. I don't necessarily regret it. It was just the wrong time in my life. I wasn't strong enough to take the criticism from my "friends" no one understood why I wanted locks and at that age I needed a little bit of acceptance to survive. Then I went into job corp where there's no way you can have dreads and I recently just got out.

Then I had to find work. I'm from Spokane, Washington were a pretty conservative town and you pretty much WONT get hired (with dreads) unless you're a dishwasher somewhere or own your own business. I've probably only seen a handful of dreadies since I moved back. I should have moved to Olympia when I got out of school. What other town can you constantly be surrounded by hot dreadie men!?

So anyway I joined this community when it was first born...I think I've posted maybe twice. Well, I was just wondering if anyone is going to the rainbow gathering in Northern, California next weekend? I've never been and I think I might actually be spontaneous and go. Has anyone ever been before? Any tips?

Oh by the way, I'm definitely my own person now and would never surround myself with people who didn't think dreads were the most beautiful thing in the world (So glad I grew up)

Also, in a few years when I start popping out babies, I plan on dreading their hair. Any parents out their with baby dreadies?

Well, thanks in advance for responding.

Carpe Diem,

(dreadhead at heart)
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