Squirrel (squirrelm0nkey) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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Getting the chop

Hello everybody, I'm new here. I have a tale of woe to share and would like a little advice:
I've had my dreads for 3 years now and because I did them when I was 16 they've basically been with me for the majority of my formative years. However for the last few months I've been seriously considering cutting them off and going back to....urgh, dare I say it....normal hair. Well, not exactly 'normal' coz I plan on dying it crazy beautiful magical colours and the like but anyway, I digress. I have a terrible love/hate relationship with my dreads, they used to be so beautiful but now they're so messy and I'm really sick of them looking cack all the time. I keep making up my mind to get rid of them but then I look at the pictures on here of all the beautiful nappy-haired people and I don't want to lose that!
Aargh, what should I do?!
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