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i've been reading a lot lately about people who are angry at their dreads because they are noticing a lot of loose hair and fuzz around them. maybe because it's summer now and it's humid or whatever. being that i started mine by just not brushing my hair, even though it has been something like 14 months now i still have tons of long loose hair and short loose hair and frizzies all over the place. but...having dreads is a journey, and there's going to be all sorts of different stages to it that you will go through...

i guess what i'm trying to say is: EMBRACE THE FUZZ!!!

it's not really so bad after all. cute even. everyone has this impression of perfect dreads all smooth and even and tight. but if you really want those you might as well get fake ones. it's the fuzz and the lumps and the different shapes and lengths and sizes and colours that give them their character. they can all be perfect just by being whatever they are. they don't look horrible when they are messy and not "perfect", just like a person doesn't look horrible when he or she doesn't fit into the media stereotype of body perfection. just like we don't look horrible when we don't do our hair the way "normal" people are supposed to.

it's all good.
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