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Yummy Hair stuff!

So I just had my wedding reception and decided to spoil myself a bit will some of the "loot" . Off I went to my favorite yummy smelling place, Aveda. Lucky me, the girl who helped me has had several friends with dreadies, and her husband has them too!

She pointed me towards the hair Detoxifier (aloe and sage) she even intructed me on how to rub it between my hands to get super foamy shampoo and then put it on my roots. Washed my hair with it this morning and no untangling, rinsed really clean, and smells *clean* (I'm really not into fake flowery smelling stuff)

It also seems to be drying more quickly than usual.

I also picked up the Light Elements Reviving mist (Lavender water!) and love it. It smells good, and makes my head feel all fresh, especially right now when it's getting muggy out.

I also got some bergamot oil for maintenance (I smell like earl grey tea!!) and a sample of the smoothing fluid, which I use on my bangs, since they aren't dreaded (super shiny and silky making!)

Figured I'd share my experience since it seems we're all looking for new things that work well with dreads :)

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