Laurie (scratch_me_out) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

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Helloooo there.

Hey Everyone, I'm new. My name's Laurie. I'm in the Boston Area.

I am thinking about starting up some dreads, I am caucasian with shoulder-length blonde hair. My parents said they would hate me, but.. meh. I'm going to college soon anyway.
I guess I'm going to try out the back-combing method since most people reccomend it. I'm really really nervous about messing it up though, You guys all look great, though, so that makes me a little less nervous.

One question: I bleach my hair.. after I have dreads, is there going to be any way to keep coloring them?

Thanks so much, when I get it together, I will let you guys see my baby dreads. =)

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