rosy_red_berry (rosy_red_berry) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

dread head fever

so, i have been watching this community indirectly from a friend's friend page. i see all these lovely dreads on all of you and touch my curly mane, wondering if i am ready for the plunge. i want it badly, but at the same time, i like the way my hair is now. it's really tight curls that frizz all over the place and make a big brown halo around my head.

when i did my friend's dreads (xjrjuniorx ) i was so happy for him. i loved it, and so did he. i remember being in sixth grade and seeing this girl leslie in the high school. she was a senior and everything i'd ever wanted to be: beautiful, funny, and dreaded. her dreads had beads and bands and lovely tips... a few weeks ago i saw her again, and her dreads are gone now. i don't know if she even recognized me, because i'd never talked to her, not to mention i was 7 years younger than her...

but i digress. part of the reason i don't want dreads is my family: father. coming from a bi-racial family, i was blessed with that kinky "good" mixed hair. it is a big deal in the black community for a girl to have straight, oiled-down hair or braids. i get shit all the time from them about how i wear my hair, so getting dreads would only make it worse. (my mom, on the other hand,  is a great lady, so she supports me no matter what) all in all, i still really want dreads, and i think i am coming to a point in my life where i think i'm ready for them. i told myself that i wouldn't do it until i was really ready, spiritually and mentally. sigh.

where am i going with this? i guess i just want to thank this community for being here, and knowing how it feels to be where i'm at. it's good to know i'm not alone.

thanks so much dreadies!

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