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I just wanted to share this with all of you :)

I went to a festival yesterday (only one day since I'm pretty much broke)
I thought I'd see lots of dreadies, I was wrong. Saw only 3 :)
Seems like the dreadhype over here is finally passing by. A lot of people had gotten themselves dreads, but just a couple of weeks (or maybe a month) later, they didn't want them anymore due to 'too much of a hassle, have to work constantly on them, look like crap'.
And then they keep saying 'oh, I want your hair' If they'd just gotten through with it, they would have locks like all of us. It bothers me that these people give up so easily :/
Sure, I've had my doubts as well, but I really wanted my dreadies, why would I give up on them so easily then ?

Right, festival (sorry for my rambling here :))
I saw this girl, she had the nicest, softest dreads I've seen so far :)
Her tips were all round and oh so lovely :) Another dreadhead, a guy, had his past his shoulders, absolutely no frizz or loose hairs. (I got jealous after seeing his dreads :P)

And then....GAH 0.0

There he was, a tall, blonde (I don't usually feel much for blonde guys but this one..:P) guy with dreads all the way down to his bum. He also had the lippiercing I've always wanted :)

Simply fucking GORGEOUS :D

I think I've fallen in love ^-^

Hilly xx
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