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To wax or NOT to wax?

I've been seeing a lot more people with dreads. To me there is two kinds of people, possibly more, I wont go into details about each but basically this is how I feel...

One, the natural
two, the unnatural...

The first time I dreaded my hair I went with number two, the whole wax thing, and it seems once you get yourself far enough in the process you can ditch the wax and all the twisting and turning everyday...the problems sort of mellow out. I cut mine off because I want to wait until I'm older until I have set control and can go for number one.

Out of curiosity I am wondering who considers themselves which number? I'm not trying to make anyone mad but well, how do I say this nicely? Hmm...well I would love to have locks more like number one, without caring, without making it dread, where I want it to dread, not caring if I have hairs sticking up all over, I respect them more, I wish I could do that now in my life.

I thought it was a rite of passage, I adored people with locks, it ... no matter what the excuse, it just felt like who I was, but then once I got to that stage, the way in which I achieved it I dont know fake?

I am not saying this is the same for ANYONE else, but just me...I dont care why you have your dreads or how you got them, I'd most likely love to hug you and share some chai...haha...

I am just saying that it seems to me, that ... its sort of the unsaid, I mean does no one else cringe at all the popstars or ravers with locks? each his own, I agree I really cant just judge why someone has dreads...(I do anyway sometimes, its my human nature) but... I dunno I am just wondering how everyone feels about this topic, and I would appreciate responses.

I think knottyboy is great, I think wax helps a very long process become a bit shorter, but what does it portray to everyone? It felt to me that ... once I was about to get to exactly where and what I wanted...that I cheated the whole process and for all the time and grief, the final product was an exact replica of what I hated, what I was trying to rebel against...?!

Does anyone else understand this at all?

I'm not saying any of you are superficial, so dont get the wrong idea, if anything I am saying that I was, and that the next time I go around I will do it so I feel more...hmm I'm not sure how to explain...

Anyways so why does everyone have those sexy locks, and which way did you go about it?

Peace & Riots,

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