Zero (malfunctionzero) wrote in get_up_dread_up,

Two questions

I have a couple of questions, but they're pretty in-depth and can't be answered in a word or two, and they're not the type that would be in the FAQ. So I guess don't bother reading/answering this unless you have time and you know what you're talking about.

Okay. I had to use pictures to help explain what my rambling means, and I grabbed them from all over (this site, google, etc). I tried to avoid having anyone's face show in the pics, so I appologize if yours is on there and you don't want it to be. Anyway, I have two questions.

First, I've noticed two general shapes of dreads. Neither one is better than the other, but I'm looking to do one and not the other, so I need to know what causes them to end up looking like they do.

Basically I've seen really uniform straight dreads, as shown in row A, and then I've seen big matted dreads that have totally different thicknesses throughout, as shown in row B. I was wondering what determines whether your dreads will come out as A or B? Is it the type of hair you have... or how you back-comb them... The only conclusions I've been able to draw myself are that the consistant straight ones are usually ones that had been sectioned off into squares first, and the big matted ones are either not sectioned, or sectioned into very very large sections. If anyone can fill me in more on these 2 types, please do.

Second, I've also noticed that while most dreads are kind of thick and gnarled and solid looking, like row 1, every once in a while I come across some dreads that I can only reffer to as "light and airy," as seen in row 2. Almost every case of the 2nd type I've seen have been blonde or light brown hair, which leads me to believe that it's due to the general thinness of lighter hair. Also, these almost always come to a point instead of a blunt end. Pretty much every set of these I've seen have been fairly short or fairly thin, which probably is another factor in why they look that way. I can't really describe these very well. All I can say is that as opposed to thick long dreads that hang down and move whip around, these airy dreads are more like if you were to grab your friends hair and quickly just back-comb a section of it in 20 seconds. It kind of stands straight up and doesn't really move unless you touch it. So if anyone knows exactly what the difference between these 2 types is or how you go about getting one type or the other, once again let me know.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this and I hope some of you out there can give me the answers I need. I want to do my dreads soon but I'm worried they'll come out a way I don't want them too if I don't know exactly what I'm doing. Thanks.
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