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singers smoke it, players of instruments smoke it

Hey y'all...i guess i forgot to re-introduce myself. so, what's up??? Pablotheguitar. Pablo is my guitar's name.
i've had dreads for a year, and i've been happy with them. i am sooo glad i didn't cut them over spring break. what the hell was i thinking??? i've had shoulder length, brown hair for pretty much most of my life. i had a ducktail haircut when i was four, and when i was 12 it was down to my elbows. that didn't last long, at a friend's sleepover party at 2 am, someone had a great idea to cut my hair. yep...

so last year i decided to get dreads. i did it the Knottyboy way first, with some other kind of wax that was more like grease. my friend came over and said i did it wrong, so she took it apart and started tying it in knots. literally. after about a week, it looked pretty weird and it wasn't really locking, so i went back to the wax. this time it was some strange Kiwi didn't work too well either. eventually i got the knottyboy, but by then my hair was pretty much locked. heh. chances are i've done just about everything in the FAQs, except maybe 2 or 3...

ok, now i have a question. from the looks of my hair, it's grown quite a bit in the past year...the hemp and thread and pieces of rubberbands i had at the roots have migrated south about an inch or two. then why is my hair still pretty much the length i started with?
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