hit me hard (pincussion_quee) wrote in get_up_dread_up,
hit me hard

ok, been thinking for quite some time now whether or not i should hack off my dreadies...i've grown to love and hate them this past year, but i know i'll miss them yet be relieved if they were gone. My scalp feels like it's on fire sometimes to the point i scratch so much it bleeds, the dandruff is unbearable and the fact i cant do much to it is really winding me up. So i'm now sat here with my metal comb pondering whether i should start combing them out.... i dunno, a lot of people just know me as Maggie the girl with nice phat dreads, but, im bored of this hair and it's doing my head in *practicaly*...bah, this is really bothering me, i miss being able to brush my hair, dye it, play with it....so i think it's time i should say farewell, and in a few years if i feel like i want them again i will....

but thanks to those who helped me, atleast i know in the future how to maintain/get the locks i want...good luck with anyone who's planning to get dreads, dont worry about my post, i was probably doing somethign very wrong...this is a great community, with great people...carry on the good work *thumbs up*
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