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happy halloween!

i'm budget medusa. i'll turn you into cardboard & bits of rock. pic includes my little blonde bangs dreads. :)

did anyone else dress up? (management at my office is required to play, heh.)
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Raging Roots

Hi y'all!

It is summer in CO, so of course my bi-annual itch to shave my head is occurring. I generally relieve this urge by shaving my mohawk sides. But, this set of dreads is the longest hair I've ever had; just past my shoulders, and it is driving me absolutely freaking bonkers. It's getting trapped under myself while I sleep and causing me to freak, if I've forgotten to flip it up on my pillow and off the bed. How do you sleep with your hair?
I have lots of loose guys. My fibromyalgia prevents me from palmrolling as often as I'd like to. That and the weather has me contemplating an entire shave, but I think it's got more to do with a general displeasure overall with life at the moment, if we're being quite honest. So, instead, I've googled a soak recipe and have decided that it is time for my 1.5+ year old dreads to be cleansed... Maybe that will help get rid of some icky weight, and force me to take a half hour to do nothing but pamper myself and cleanse my head. In so googling for this recipe, I found a New England (where I am from) salon that maintains dreads. I have never visited them, do not know them, but was quite impressed when I saw the FAQs, the education page, etc. why? Because it reminded me of the comprehensive Memories LishD maintained back when I was in high school! When I made the commitment to myself that dreads were going to be a part of my future. So! I would like to pass along this website I stumbled upon.

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Hello, is there anybody in there?

Hello, my beautiful dreadheads (it seems not as many since the last time I had an LJ account :/). It's been a long time since I was an LJ member, and a member of this community. I've been spending the past couple weeks re-reading the memories that I was able to access, and it's nice to see my old username in the there in the comments.

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5 years, 7 months

My dreads are now at the length where they interfere with maaany activities. Nevertheless, i love them more than ever. Also tattooed my forehead the other day! I feel so much closer to the person ive always wanted to be and it feels awesome. Hope yall are doin well! ❤
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oh hey, so i went to egypt with my friend pence.

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part 1 of 4 is up now; the full travelogue will be linked here when it's complete in the next week or so. have a look if you like. :)

(this set is almost eight years old now; the bulk have been trimmed back a couple times, but the three from my nape are full length & hitting my knees.)