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costa rica! [December 9th, 2015 @10:04 PM]

hi gudu! here are some dread pics from my recent trip to costa rica. all my travelogues are here for those interested. :)

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Me. Contributing. [November 18th, 2015 @10:02 PM]


Saw this one in some old pictures and thought "that's perfect for our quiet little gudu community".

Apologies in advance if there is any sizing issue,  I'm testing out the LJ app.

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happy halloween! [October 30th, 2015 @12:16 PM]

i'm budget medusa. i'll turn you into cardboard & bits of rock. pic includes my little blonde bangs dreads. :)

did anyone else dress up? (management at my office is required to play, heh.)
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Predator [October 7th, 2015 @2:02 PM]

Hi all,

I don't want this community to die, so let me post this picture. I guess Halloween will be fun.

Hope you like it.
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Raging Roots [July 7th, 2015 @11:51 PM]

Hi y'all!

It is summer in CO, so of course my bi-annual itch to shave my head is occurring. I generally relieve this urge by shaving my mohawk sides. But, this set of dreads is the longest hair I've ever had; just past my shoulders, and it is driving me absolutely freaking bonkers. It's getting trapped under myself while I sleep and causing me to freak, if I've forgotten to flip it up on my pillow and off the bed. How do you sleep with your hair?
I have lots of loose guys. My fibromyalgia prevents me from palmrolling as often as I'd like to. That and the weather has me contemplating an entire shave, but I think it's got more to do with a general displeasure overall with life at the moment, if we're being quite honest. So, instead, I've googled a soak recipe and have decided that it is time for my 1.5+ year old dreads to be cleansed... Maybe that will help get rid of some icky weight, and force me to take a half hour to do nothing but pamper myself and cleanse my head. In so googling for this recipe, I found a New England (where I am from) salon that maintains dreads. I have never visited them, do not know them, but was quite impressed when I saw the FAQs, the education page, etc. why? Because it reminded me of the comprehensive Memories LishD maintained back when I was in high school! When I made the commitment to myself that dreads were going to be a part of my future. So! I would like to pass along this website I stumbled upon.

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Hello, is there anybody in there? [June 9th, 2015 @12:06 AM]

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Hello, my beautiful dreadheads (it seems not as many since the last time I had an LJ account :/). It's been a long time since I was an LJ member, and a member of this community. I've been spending the past couple weeks re-reading the memories that I was able to access, and it's nice to see my old username in the there in the comments.

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5 years, 7 months [May 22nd, 2015 @9:30 AM]


My dreads are now at the length where they interfere with maaany activities. Nevertheless, i love them more than ever. Also tattooed my forehead the other day! I feel so much closer to the person ive always wanted to be and it feels awesome. Hope yall are doin well! ❤
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[May 14th, 2015 @12:00 PM]

oh hey, so i went to egypt with my friend pence.

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part 1 of 4 is up now; the full travelogue will be linked here when it's complete in the next week or so. have a look if you like. :)

(this set is almost eight years old now; the bulk have been trimmed back a couple times, but the three from my nape are full length & hitting my knees.)
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[May 13th, 2015 @2:36 PM]

Hey GUDU! It's been eighty months since my last haircut...

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washing methods [April 18th, 2015 @8:12 PM]

Its been a long time for me! I was inactive on LJ for a few years but I've come back around. Sad to see this comm isn't as active as it used to be, so I figured I'd post to help out with that a bit.

So, I had dreads for like 5 years but lost them a couple years ago when I was sick/on chemo. I primarily washed with baking soda + vinegar rinse, with the deep clean occasionally. When I cut and combed the dreads out, I was kind of disturbed by the amount of lint and sebum stuck in them. I recall reading another person post about the same experience when they cut theirs.

The past couple years without dreads, I have continued to not use shampoo. I just do water-only washes and occasionally use an egg yolk when water won't cut it. I still get sebum and lint, but it is removed with a comb, and I can see it in the teeth of the comb, exactly the stuff that was stuck inside my dreads. And its not like I have an abnormal amount - I usually go a week or so between washes and it doesn't look crazy greasy. Just healthy.

I've been contemplating getting dreads again, but one of the things holding me up a bit is this sebum/lint build up. I know I could just live with it, but, I kinda think it made my dreads a little duller, and it grosses me out a bit. And I definitely love NOT using shampoo, so I don't want to go that route.

Anyone care to input how they deal with this issue? Ever use an egg yolk to wash your dreads?

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