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4th birthday [April 17th, 2015 @3:12 PM]

In April 2011 I've had this little guys. This month they celebrate their 4th birthday. So I've decided to post a latest picture of them.

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Picture Pile [April 5th, 2015 @12:43 AM]

 photo IMG_6038_zpsp2x48efj.jpg
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[April 2nd, 2015 @9:57 PM]

for two hours tonight, i had an extra anery dreadlock.

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dread updatiness [March 15th, 2015 @2:26 AM]

I've been gone a long time. Hey everyone. This new LJ UI is horrible.

Lish, I'm sorry I didn't send what I meant to.

My relationship of 8 years fell apart. It's like the nuclear bomb went off. I'm left with nothing. I am nothing. No friends. I have to start over.

One of my biggest challenges is to refrain from shaving my head out of grief. I don't know how I am going to get through this.

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Elephant Sanctuary [February 16th, 2015 @8:49 AM]

Hi everyone,

I've been stalking this community for a long time, so I think I own something to you all.

This is the picture of me with this beautiful boy called Temba.
The picture was taken in Elephant Sanctuary in Republic of South Africa.

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[February 14th, 2015 @12:22 PM]

I haven't even looked at Lj in mad long but hangin with my OG Lj buddies steelreserve40z and strfvr I figured I'd send this over here.


My original dread mullet is gone except for a single skinny natural dread...though its been joined by many natural tangly fatties that I like to call squatters nest.
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Good morning hair. [January 30th, 2015 @11:46 AM]


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Hello GUDU! [January 28th, 2015 @7:19 PM]

I did a deep clean, wanna see?

Here's my hot water & bicarb bowl before:
Deep cleaning my dreads

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Dreads forming naturally over time [January 22nd, 2015 @11:11 AM]

I know that opposed to back combing and other such methods you can grow dreads simply by not brushing your hair. I know it takes longer and it's probably better to pull them apart after a while so they don't end up all clumped together.

But I buzzed my head down to maybe less than an inch almost a year ago and I haven't touched a brush to my head in that entire time. I'd say it's been about 10 months and my hair is almost 6 inches long. It's pretty wavy (maybe not SUPER wavy but definitely not straight) and I don't have a single knot yet. I don't ever use conditioner. Shouldn't I have some sort of knots by now? Or does it take even longer to start? I've heard some people say theirs knotted after a few weeks or months but I know everyone's hair is different. Still though, I'd think I'd at least have something. Is there anything I can do to help?

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4.5ish years [January 7th, 2015 @7:16 PM]

quit bleaching them, finally getting some length! Can't imagine not having them...
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